Vietnam is one of the most diverse countries in mainland Southeast Asia with stunning scenery from the North to the South. Its geology mesmerizes with high mountains in the north and central part of the country, pristine coastal areas all the way from north to south and an amazing network of waterways that make up the Mekong Delta.

Exploring the country, its people and its history will captivate and tickle many of your senses. Make your way down country lanes, through authentic villages and over spectacular mountain passes. The historic significance of Vietnam is abundant with heavy influences also from the French and Chinese ready to be explored around every corner. Add in the energetic cities of Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi and you have yourself a real gem to explore!

Vietnam is an amazing place to combine National Park trekking trips with challenging bike rides and relaxing boat or kayaking trips. Set aside a few weeks to conquer the mountain passes, deep blue seas and extensive jungle and reward yourself with a taste one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen and personal encounters you will not easily forget. From natural highlights like the UNESCO awarded Halong Bay to the town of Hoi An, which also has a UNESCO seal to its name, Vietnam and its people are certainly eager to show you their treasures and charm.


Full country’s name Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Capital city Hanoi (7.7 million people)
Population 93 Million people
Currency Vietnam Dong (USD 1 = 22000 Dong
Best time to visit February to April
Major attractions Halong Bay, Hanoi, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, The beaches
Cuisine Mild, considered one of the most healthy diets in the world
Other facts Football is Vietnam’s number one sport.

We have just returned from our 4 day cycling tour of the Mekong Delta with Tien as our guide. We had a wonderful time and we both agree it is the best way to see your terrific country. We thought the tour was very well organised and the destinations were varied and unique to any other experience we’ve had in Vietnam. We loved the accommodation, particularly our first night in the home stay. It was delightful.

Lucy and her husband Frank from Australia

Planning your journey is one of the joys of travel, so enjoy contemplating what you want out of your holiday.