Being one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand may have been explored already you may think. That is an illusion you should not submit to! Cycling trips around Bangkok are more popular than ever and are a very rewarding way to explore a combination of city and countryside life.

Its most precious treasure is most likely its crystal clear water, white sand beaches and ideal island atmosphere that you can find in the south of the country. Pretty rural landscapes and a stunning setting of limestone karst formations allow for a wonderful cycling experience. Besides cycling, the country also offers amazing other adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, white water rafting and ziplining. A mixture of activities can turn a visit to Thailand immediately in one of the most physically challenging holidays you have ever undertaken.

The national parks of Thailand are amazing places to explore waterfalls tucked away in the deep jungle and the gorgeous bay of Phang Nga is a true kayaking paradise. The northern part of Thailand offers a variety of very different attractions with lots of mountainous areas, wildlife, hill tribes and ancient temples. Speaking from an adventure point of view, Thailand offers it all. Add endless shopping and one of the most exciting capital cities in the region to the mix and you have yourself a true holiday. Let the warmth of Thailand and its people embrace you, and explore far beyond the beaten path the treasures that remain unexplored.


Full country’s name Kingdom of Thailand
Capital city Bangkok (8.2 million people)
Population 68 Million people
Currency Thai Baht (USD 1 = 35 Baht)
Best time to visit November to February
Major attractions Bangkok, The Thai Islands, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Krabi
Cuisine Spicy, especially its famous curries; Tom Yam
Other facts Bangkok’s official name is the longest place name in the world

I just wanted to give a little feedback on the 3 day cycling tour we went on last weekend. The trip was wonderful and our guide, Mr. Jacky, was great. He showed up early to pick us up and was ready to go every morning well before we were done with breakfast. He was always upbeat and energetic as well as friendly and talkative with locals. Jacky made it clear that the schedule was flexible and was able to accommodate our requests. I really appreciated his guidance on this trip.

Angela and her friends from Hong Kong

Planning your journey is one of the joys of travel, so enjoy contemplating what you want out of your holiday.