Our Shop

Vietnam Bike Tours is the proud owner of one of the best bicycle shops in Vietnam and has access to many good materials and skilled people in our other destinations as well. Whenever you arrive in one of our destinations, you may want to opt to visit our shop first and select the bicycle or other equipment yourself before departing on a tour with us.

Next to knowing how to repair and prepare our bicycles for our clients, we also know how to store the bicycles properly and keep them in good condition by constantly maintaining the bicycles and their parts. In case you bring your own bicycle, you are assured that we will store and care for it properly, like it was one of our own!

Our fully equipped shop is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and offers all kinds of services you may require before your departure. Our shop affiliates in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Vientiane and other cities throughout the region are all located in easy to reach locations and offer similar services. Our office staff or guides are more than willing to lead the way and help you on location with your requests. In case you forgot one of the essentials from back home, it is very likely we got it in store for you to either rent or purchase.

Rent a bike

In case you want to rent a bicycle only, at our shop we have rental bikes available. Visit us and select your own bicycle to rent, which we will prepare for you. In each of our destinations we have an outlet where bicycles can be rented against very reasonable fees. The bike rental prices are:

For one day USD15 a day
For two days USD12 a day
From 3 to 5 days USD10 a day
From 6 days or more USD8 a day

All prices include the preparation of the bike, a bicycle helmet of your choice, a lock and a water bottle holder. The price excludes 10% government TAX and transportation to your hotel (if required).


A perfect souvenir of your trip through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand with us would be one of our branded cycling shirts or shorts, which are on sale for USD35 per piece.


Vietnam Bike Tours was founded by Ngo Trong Huy in 2010 in Vietnam. Due to the passion and knowledge of Huy, the company quickly build a leading reputation in Vietnam among its partners, clients and the local cycling community. With the Sunday Bike Ride done weekly, the company also provided a platform for cycling enthusiasts to share their passion for the sport each other. Nowadays it has become one of the most recognizable cycling brands in Southeast Asia with a team of dedicated people who simply all share one passion: cycling adventures.

Due to its quick growth and popularity, clients of Vietnam Bike Tours requested Huy to also provide services in the neighboring countries of Vietnam; Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Quickly Huy sent out people and researched himself the possibilities of adventurous and appealing cycling routes through other countries and came back with a product that rivals next to nothing.

As Laos, Cambodia and Thailand were easily integrated and a number of very experienced and dedicated guides were trained, the Company started to offer seamless cross border cycling adventures such as the very popular Bangkok to Saigon ride, which passes through Cambodia, and the challenging Chiang Mai to Hanoi ride, which passes through northern Laos.

Nowadays, Vietnam Bike Tours operates throughout Southeast Asia with a wealth of capable and knowledgeable people in each destination and a curriculum of tours and reviews, very few other companies can compare with. Together with a 4th consecutive “Certificate of Excellence” form Trip Advisor and a 100% safety record on all of our tours in each of our destinations. Furthermore, we have been featured in the United Hemispheres In-Flight Magazine, been on Zoom WebTV who recommended Vietnam Bike Tours as the most skilled tour operator to organize a trip for the hearing impaired, been published in Dabble Magazine and are a close partner with Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Initiative from whom we received the Annual Responsible Tourism award.

Vietnam Bike Tours will continue to develop and support the initiatives to conserve our region and cultures, and support the communities we touch on a daily basis. Be part of our mission and enjoy the most beautiful adventure you have been on so far!


The Sunday bike ride is currently an event we organize every Sunday in Vietnam only. It is free to participate in for any person, of any age and in any physical condition. The rides take place in Ho Ci Minh City, Nha Trang, Hue, and Hoi An. The aim of each ride is to encourage the community in partaking in our goal to promote a more sustainable leisure activity and protecting the environment at the same time, while improving personal health. People in Southeast Asia are always enjoying taking care of their health with good food and ample exercise. Another goal of Vietnam Bike Tours is to create a common event in which cycling enthusiast of all walks of life have a place to interact and socialize with one common interest in mind: cycling.

The trip starts every Sunday at 6:30 AM from designated places in each city.

    • Ho Chi Minh City Benh Thanh Market/district 1
    • Nha Trang Tram Huong Tower square
    • Hue train station
    • Hoi An central market

If you are a tourist to Vietnam, it is a perfect event to partake in for free. You could rent a bicycle at our office the day before and join us and share your cycling experiences with any of the other participants. We are sure that any of the other participants would love to hear about your cycling experiences and you get a chance to really mingle with a local crowd who share your common interest! If you wish to join us, email us for more information or give us a call.