Our Tour Guides

Le Tan Phuc

was born in the Mekong Delta and worked his way up from being a waiter in Pham Ngu Lao, to a cycling guide. Phuc loves cycling because it puts him in touch with the natural environment.

I imagine if everybody in this city cycled, the air would be much cleaner. It’s good for health and when you cycle you get to see so much more. I still discover things myself.

Naturally, his favorite cycling place is the Mekong Delta trip as it is his home. Determination is the word that describes Phuc’s character best and hopes one day to bring his passion over to his young son.

Truong Van Tien

One of the most experienced guides at Vietnam Bike Tours, Truong Van Tien has had his experiences as well behind a desk as Tour Operator and English teacher. Tien is a real muscle man with his experience and knowledge weighs in on the social aspect of life during a tour.

Educating people about my culture and country I see as my responsibility, show them life and tell them facts that few others know.

Tien is a real problem solver and with his flexibility a tour can take off over many different paths. People on Tien’s trip usually pick their own routes, making the tourist the writer of their own cycling chapter!.