How do I get in touch with you for advice?

Simply send us an email or start a chat with us at [email protected] or via Skype on vietnambiketours.

After I book my trip with you, how will the payment go?

After each confirmed trip we will require to receive from you a deposit of 25% of the total trip costs. This can be send to our bank account, which details will be given to you by mail or by credit card payment. In case you live near one of our offices, payments can be made in cash at our office. The remaining balance of 75% shall be collected by us in the same way 30 days prior to your departure with us.

What if I cancel my trip?

In case you cancel your trip you will be eligible for refunds as stated in our cancellation policy, which can be found in our section of Terms and Conditions.

Should I have travel insurance?

Yes, everyone traveling to any of our destinations should have their own travel insurance. Vietnam Bike Tours only supplies a third liability insurance. A travel insurance does not only protect you when you are at one of our destinations, it can also be really helpful in case you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

How do I chose the right tour for me?

Vietnam Bike Tours has all the expertise to ensure we recommend you the most suitable tour for you. All you need to do is share with us what you like to see and do. Based on that information we can recommend you the best destination to visit. After that you share with us your level of fitness, the amount of time you have and your goals to achieve on tour. It is also always recommended to give us a budget that you want to spend. Based on this information, we will select for you a number of suitable tours from which you can chose.

What kind of riding conditions can I expect?

The conditions per country can vary, per city can vary, per leg can vary. As infrastructure develops quick in Southeast Asia, it is hard to predict even what the road looks like in a few months from now. Generally spoken, most routes we ride are dirt roads, some with, some without potholes. In the rainy season these can be slippery or muddy. At times we cycle over the main roads as no secondary roads are available and in such cases we need to think about the density of traffic. In Vietnam and Thailand this is usually heavy, while in Cambodia and Laos this is much lighter. You may ride in rain or in brilliant sunshine and most likely have issues with the heat and humidity. Not to worry, the tours are designed to take many breaks at scenic spots.

Who will lead my tour?

One of Vietnam Bike Tour’s specialized guides also acts as the tour leader, and he will always join you anywhere you cycle. With his expertise and knowledge you will never feel lost. Some tours may also have back up vehicles or a maintenance team behind the tour leader. Next to this team of professionals, you also always have the backup of the management, who are just a phone call away.

What does the accommodation look like we use?

Vietnam Bike Tours uses a selection of very good standard hotels. Our priority is that hotels offer good value for money, are equipped with sufficient facilities and capable staff located in safe areas and are clean. The homestays we use are all registered by the local tourism authorities and its people are capable of handling the needs of western tourists. Besides that, the facilities are sufficient enough to make a stay at a local home enjoyable and comfortable. The campsites we use are usually located in very scenic spots. We always inform the local authorities of our camping spots, which means that safety is no issue at all. Camping spots are the most basic form of lodging we offer and would only be really necessary in case we cycle, or possibly trek to very remote areas.

What should we expect in terms of food?

Southeast Asia’s kitchen is one of the most healthy and most delicious cuisines in the world. Lack of taste will not be an issue! Vietnam Bike Tours uses restaurants that are locally owned and serve according to western standards, which means no MSG or unpurified water. In more remote areas where restaurant may be basic, we have our guide to help out the local cooks and instruct on what to make and how to prepare it. The lunch boxes for picnics or catering services we use at times are all arranged by qualified restaurants, who offer healthy and sufficient amounts to keep you energized. In case you have allergies or are unable to eat certain types of food, we would like to know before you depart on any trip with us.

If I like to book my trip, can Vietnam Bike Tours assist in finding suitable air tickets?
Generally yes, but buying long haul air plane from a system is usually much more costly than buying it from websites. We suggest you check your flight itineraries on www.skyscanner.com or www.ebookers.com, which are both trustful websites. In any other case you can always contact your local travel agent who has better deals for you ready than we would have.

What are van-supported tours?

Van-supported tours are tours that offer luggage support or transfer support in case cycling distances are too long or the terrain is too rough.

What shape should I be in to cycle?

Vietnam Bike Tours has different tours for different fitness levels. It is your own responsibility to assess your own capacity of cycling distances you can reach on a daily basis. In doubt you should seek advice from your doctor first before signing up on a tour from us.

What is included in the price?

If no special requests are made by you upfront, any cycling tour that Vietnam Bike Tours runs has standard included bike rental with helmet, accommodation with daily breakfast, a trusted and specialized guide, meals where necessary, airport pick up and drop offs, fruits and snacks on the way, water and wet towels on the way, and back up equipment in case of broken parts.

Do I have to sign a release waiver?

For everybody’s safety it is always good to sign a release form, but since many people will not sign it before a tour starts, we have built into our Terms and Conditions a release clause.

Can I bring my kids onto a tour?

Yes you can! Besides specialized biking equipment, Vietnam Bike Tours also has suitable tours for families.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, you can bring your own bike. Please check with the airline you fly the conditions that apply for bringing your own bike. Vietnam Bike Tours provides a safe storage facility every day when we do not ride a bike but we expect that you take care of your bike yourself while on tour.

What are the general distances of a bike ride?

The distances vary greatly depending on the kid of trip you make. Usually for day trips and city trips the cycling distance rarely exceeds 30km (19 miles) while on multiple day trips this can move up to 60 to 80km (38 – 50 miles) a day. Cross country or multiple country trips we aim for a maximum of 120km (75 miles). However, often the distances on multiple day trips, cross country or multiple country trips vary daily. Back up support makes sure that you are always able to finish the challenge.

How much should I tip my guide and driver at the end of a trip?

This of course varies and is primarily based on your own gratitude and how happy you were with the services provided. On day trips it is reasonable to tip USD 10.- per person/couple to the guide and USD 7.- to a driver. For longer trips we usually suggest USD 5-10.- per day, per person for the guide and USD 5.- for the driver per day, per person.

What should I bring along?

Southeast Asia is hot, so pack light. Most of the things you need are available here in stores, and often for a fraction of what you would pay back home. Bring your parts if you like to customize your bike to your own needs and other biking accessories such as a helmet, gloves, cycling shirts, cycling shorts, cycling shoes, camelback, small backpack, cap, waterproof jacket, T-shirts. If any of this you don’t have, we will have it for you. Some items are free to use like a helmet, others will be against a charge, such as cycling shirts. Also recommended to bring along are a towel, flashlight, wash kit, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sun cream, camera, first aid, and malaria tablets. And do not forget your prescribed medicine.

What is your most ambitious trip?

Definitely the multi country trips, any of them, are the most interesting and ambitious. The mix of cultures, history and attractions will dazzle people. Add the distances and different kinds of terrains and you get a very challenging, but very rewarding experience. Our favorite is the ride from Pakse to Ho Chi Minh City, which includes amazing experiences along the Mekong in three countries (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) and a whole lot of authentic experiences.

How do we know that we contribute to local development?

Most of the suppliers we use are locally owned and we tend to stay away from larger corporations and branded hotels and/or restaurants. On tour you will make use of local facilities, visit local homes and pagoda’s and community based tourism sites, which all contributes to local development. Vietnam Bike Tours leaves a donation to every project we visit in your name, for which you can request to hand over the funds yourself.

What makes Vietnam Bike Tours different?

Being a pioneer in the region, Vietnam Bike Tours has a wealth of knowledge and expertise under its belt to comfortably offer the best products, with the best equipment and personnel for the best price. We have trained guides, office staff and communities in the standards as you like to experience your trip. Besides offering all of this, our customer care system, innovation of products and devotion to the development of the people and communities we pass through are 100% genuine.