Our Equipment

Next to our guides, the most important essential we provide is equipment. Mountainbikes are definitely the most useful type of bicycle on all terrains we cycle. As we always aim to cycle the less explored roads, it means we also often have to conquer the challenges of potholes and unpaved roads. The mountainbikes we provide are international standard bikes and maintained by our guide team themselves.

Our selection of bikes use all the advanced technology needed to finish the cycling trip. The bikes we have in our assortment incorporate all the features that are designed to enhance the durability and performance of any terrain you may have to conquer, from rocks, loose sand, and steep grades to gravel and muddy trails. Depending on the tour you are on, we will advise what kind of bike will suit you best, Rigid, Hard Tail, Soft Tail or Dual Suspension. Next to the standard equipment needed, you can also ask us to supply you or change for you additional features such as gel saddles, stem, suspension, tires, bike racks or handlebars.

Our choice for the moment are the GT 2015 models because of their high quality, durable parts and easy handles. Also in out assortment are the Trek 4500D, Cannondale 6, Giant and Marin. All general sizes of bike frames are available for you from XS to XL and from 13 inches to 24 inches. All mountainbikes are supplied with a water bottle cage, gel seats, and of course a durable and the all essential helmet. For women cyclists Vietnam Bike Tours also supplies women seats.

On every trip we also provide support vehicle assistance. Regardless the length of the trip you undertake, our backup support carries besides your luggage also spare equipment, first aid essentials, and water, fruits and snacks. The backup vehicle can be used at any time by you to retreat from the road and catch a breath when the weather gets too hot or the distance too long. It is this kind of convenience and service that makes Vietnam Bike Tours a standout in the region.