Located in the heart of Indochina on the mainland of Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers an amazing array of history and culture with an exceptional warm feeling from its people. Cycling Cambodia’s countryside is an amazing experience for many reasons. Think of genuine smiles of the people who welcome you to their village or the never-ending “hello’s” from the children who curiously see you pass by.

Cambodia’s roads remain relatively undeveloped, which makes for endless explorations on bike or foot with minimum encounters of traffic other than ox carts and villagers on motorbikes or bicycles. The country is a collection of temples, some well explored, some hidden in the jungle that are best explored by bicycle or on foot. Most people come to see Angkor Wat, but whoever ventures further and does this on a bicycle will be rewarded with much more that a picture of Angkor Wat.

Cambodia’s countryside varies widely from rolling green hills in the east to deep rainforest trails in the south. Places like Battambang and Kampong Chhnang are incredible with paddy fields as far as the eye can see. Not to mention the Mekong River that offers exceptional river life adventures on foot, by boat and bicycle and the south of Cambodia with many unexplored beaches still ready to be uncovered. There is much to discover in Cambodia, let you fantasy lead the way!


Full country’s name Kingdom of Cambodia
Capital city Phnom Penh (2.5 million people)
Population 16 Million people
Currency Cambodian Riel (USD 1 = 4000 Riel)
Best time to visit November to February
Major attractions Angkor Wat, Preah Vihear, Killing Fields, The Mekong River, The Tonle Sap Lake
Cuisine Mild, with spices on the site. Fish and a light curry called Amok is the most traditional dish.
Other facts The median age in Cambodia is 24.2 years

Our bike tour with you was a definite highlight of our trip. We really enjoyed it and appreciated all the special things we experienced with you (especially the singing!) We did just the right amount of cycling – challenging for me, but doable. And I was proud that I didn’t have to take a ride in the van! The roads were off the beaten path and it was wonderful not only seeing so many different things and also learning about them from you. The restaurants you picked for us were great and we had nice stops along the way. The picnic we did for lunch on the third day was really fun.

Caroline and Wolfgram from Germany

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