Why Travel with us?

The people that make up Vietnam Bike Tours are one by one true experts in what they do. With heart and passion for one common interest: cycling. We are dedicated to show you the best of our destinations and do so with enthusiasm and unlimited energy. Vietnam Bike Tours represents Southeast Asia as we live it, honest, respectful, energetic and authentic.

We aim to run your trips like clockwork, and take away the worries and stress you may have before, during and after returning from your trip. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed while you explore the wonderful delights our destinations have to offer. Keep a little room for the unexpected, which is often the most memorable part of a trip, and which we welcome on each and every trip we run.

Safety is our main concern and during your trips we do not want you to worry about any inconveniences or issues that may arise. Unforeseen circumstances may arise but with a team of incredibly well trained managers and guides, problems are solved in a matter of minutes and we always keep your best interest at stake when we find a solution. This system of care is unparalleled in the region as we are a fully licensed ad certified company in each and every destination we offer.

We believe that cycling is one of the healthiest and most rewarding ways to explore a destination. Cycling allows us to physically feel better and preserve the environment. And in doing so we believe that Vietnam Bike Tours is one of the best and most committed companies to experience this with.


Our commitment to excellence for our clients is just as great as our commitment to the local community. Doing bicycle tours is already a step forward to sustainability and offers a closer look into the lives of the people of the destinations you travel to. We commit to work towards developing, operating and marketing tourism in a sustainable manner. We believe that tourism should make a positive contribution to the natural and cultural environment, which generates benefits for the host communities, and which do not put at risk the future livelihood of local people.

As a Tour Operator we believe that we can be important contributors to Sustainable Tourism Development and strive to anticipate and prevent economic, environmental, social and cultural degradation. These considerations are integrated into our operations and activities as we strive always to pursue best practice in all of our activities – internally and when forming business relationships with partners, suppliers and sub-contractors.

On tour we are committed to reducing, minimizing and preventing pollution and waste and conserve plants, animals, ecosystems and protected areas. We respect our natural, cultural and historical heritage and share with enthusiasm this knowledge and respect with our clients and communities. Through trainings and workshops we encourage our partners, suppliers and sub-contractors to improve their contribution to sustainable development and management of tourism.